This program is created for members and is like plucking vegetables from their own farms. A group of members shares the abundance of vegetables from Bhoomi farms. You pay a monthly membership fee to get access to all vegetables growing at the farms. In case you are not satisfied with the membership, you can cancel it at any time and get a refund for the balance amount.

Yes. It is fully customizable to your needs. Your order is handpicked by you from the available items when you place your order.

All members have a total of 8 deliveries a month and you can decide when to place eight orders across the month. Only a maximum of eight deliveries is allowed per month within the limit of the planned package.

Members can take all vegetables that are consumed by their family in 4 days (until the next order) as per the limit. Members are expected to be considerate about sharing the vegetables with the Bhoomi farm veggie box member community and not waste the vegetables they purchase and fully consume them in the four days.

Yes, you can cancel anytime and get a refund.

During rainy months we expect to provide 40 plus vegetables and greens and exotics. During non-rainy months we provide 60-plus items on the menu.

Yes. Other than the subscription price, there is no other cost. For VB membership customers, there are no delivery charges on any orders.

Members can order between 6AM to 8 PM.

If members can place an order by 8 PM today, they will get the order door delivered by 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM tomorrow. If the order limit for the day has been reached, members can come the next day and place an order.

Yes, you can try a sample box to find out if you want to be a member. You can call or Whatsapp our customer care at +91 8098888120

Yes, all our products are 100% organic guaranteed.

At Bhoomi farms you get guaranteed organic produce fresh from farms and you can choose a wide range of exotics too. The subscription works out much cheaper for you because you commit to buying from us for the entire month and you also get privilege benefits.

Plans are based on your family size and your vegetable consumption pattern
# Basket Size Family Size Introductory Price / Month Monthly Quota (kgs) Deliveries per month
1 Xtra Small 1-2 ₹1,400 20 8
2 Small 2-3 ₹2,100 30 8
3 Medium 3-4 ₹2,800 40 8
4 Large 5-7 ₹3,500 50 8
5 Xtra Large 7-9 ₹4,200 60 8

VB membership comes with privileges
  • Membership Discounts on ALC Products (10% F&V and Groceries and 20% VAPs)
  • Unlimited Free Delivery 
  • Exclusive Farm Tours for members

VB members can choose to pause the membership up to 15 days in a month when they are on travel or vacation. So, the number of deliveries and vegetable limit will be extended based on the number of days paused.

VB members can choose to pause the membership for 15 days in a month.

The plan is applicable for a month and any unutilized vegetables will get expired.

Only upgrade of plans is allowed. Following month during renewal you can move to a lower plan.

In the case you utilize the full limit say in 6 deliveries itself, you will have to renew the subscription for a continued supply of vegetables. If you notice that your family’s consumption of vegetables is higher than the current plan, we advise you to opt for the next higher plan.

Reach out to our Customer Support team before the order cut-off time at +91 8098888120 & they will update based on products availability.

Members can call or WhatsApp +91 8098888120 between 6AM to 8PM for any queries related to delivery, quality, technical assistance etc.